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We can analyze and accurately define the market potential for your planned or existing products and services, and how to reach your targeted customers economically and efficiently.
   Our customized Marketing Surveys provide overviews of markets sizes and sales potential, as well as discussions of the proposed products and its technical features, and operational functions.
   Let 20+ years of hands on-experience with every aspect of the professional audio and multimedia industries around the world work for your company.


Previous client studies have included:

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Undertaken in 1997, this study for a leading magazine publisher analyzed the differences between European and North American recording, broadcast, audio-for video/film, multimedia and related industries, to identify:

  • Key Differences between European and North American markets.

  • Positioning of New Title amongst current US-based trade-press competition.

  • Appropriateness of Publishing Philosophy to US marketplace.

  • Validity of Emphasis on Post Production, Live Sound and Broadcast Industries.

  • Market Share for other competitive titles; static and dynamic developments.

  • Overview of Potential Areas of Growth for proposed title.

  • Overview of Changes that will occur within market segments.

Philips Report

This study, performed in 1996 for Philips Key Modules, analyzed the current market within the audio-based recording and post-production community for the IS 5022 Professional and IS 5021 Semi-Professional Sound Enhancers, designed to provide the following functions:

  • Digital Sound Processor for de-clicking and special effects creation.

  • Sample Rate Converter for interfacing between equipment operating at different sample rates.

  • 20-Bit A-to-D Converter.

  • High-Quality D-to-A Converter.

  • Market Potential within North America.

  • Basic Features and User Functions necessary to ensure sales success within the audio-production, audio-for-video, broadcast and related industries.

Wadia Report

The aim of this study, undertaken in 1992 for Wadia Digital Corp., was to analyze the potential market for a two-channel Reference Analog-to-digital Converter, and addressed the following primary factors:

  • "Who are the Buyers?" for a reference converter, in terms of:
         Studio Applications
         Number of Facilities
         Interface Formats.

  • Regional U.S. Market Analysis, including production centers located major US cities.

  • International Market Analysis.

  • Technical Features, including I/O formats, sync references and other parameters.

  • Total Predicted Market Size for two-channel A/D Converters for units with pro-user sales price above and below $2,000.

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