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One of the world's leading manufacturers of professional audio loudspeaker components, P.Audio System company designs and produces a complete range of low-frequency and high-frequency transducers to exacting standards of performance and reliability.

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Plus: Emphasizing OEM capabilities for household-brand
loudspeaker manufacturers.

Anaheim, California - Highlight of P.Audio System's exhibit at this year's NAMM2008 Convention, which opens here today at the Anaheim Convention Center and runs until January 20, will be new offerings in the company's extensive range of ultra-performance low- and high-frequency loudspeaker component drivers and HF horns. P.Audio is also a leading supplier of OEM component solutions for a number of household-name brands, and will be exhibiting at Booth 6894 in Hall A.
   Product highlights include new offerings from the Woofer Series of LF drivers, including Flagship Series, Challenger Series II, SN Series II, AM Series, E Series II and IMF Series II; the Driver Series of compression drivers, including the BM-D Series II and PreNeo Series; and the PH-Series of HF horns.
   "P.Audio System's product line offers a high performance-to-price ratio because of the vertical integration of all materials used throughout the manufacturing process," offers managing director Howard Chen. "P.Audio is also very cost-competitive because the majority of our materials are built in-house. Our CNC shops, aluminum and plastic injection, voice-coil fabrication and other sub-factories not only support the manufacture of our branded products, but also supply OEM products to major customers in the international loudspeaker industry." P.Audio owns its own voice-coil and cone-paper factories.
   P.Audio-branded products cover a wide range of very high performance transducers, which is a cornerstone of the firm's design philosophy. Every product in the line, ranging from entry level to ultra high-performance transducers, offers outstanding sonic performance and professional-level reliability. "Our compression drivers," Chen states, "are designed to meet the exacting performance parameters expected for applications ranging from touring systems to large format fixed installations."
   Chen cites three factors that make P.Audio System loudspeaker components an ideal choice for end-user customers and OEMs. "Firstly," he considers, "our in-house production and R&D facility offer a high degree of confidence for customers. Secondly, our short delivery lead-times, competitive pricing and high-quality production add to that customer satisfaction. Finally, we can build just about any high-quality/high-performance transducer based on our customer's specifications - a major benefit of our vertical integration."

A large anechoic chamber provides an ideal environment for product evaluation
and development at P.Audio System's main factory in Thailand.
The company's 2.5 km production line can produce 4,800 woofers during three shifts per day.


P.Audio's engineering and manufacturing facilities are truly world-class and its products are supplied to every region of the world. It supplies premium-quality OEM and P.Audio-branded products that cover the entire spectrum of profession applications and requirements.
   P.Audio was established in 1991 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The company occupies a 60,000 square meter garden complex. Continuous growth has allowed P.Audio to build ultra modern research and development facilities at its corporate headquarters. The campus also contains a state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing operation, as well as a very large acoustic presentation hall.

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