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Founded in 1993, Z-Systems Audio Engineering specializes in the development of leading-edge digital audio interface and signal processing products for the recording, mastering, broadcast and post-production markets. Interface products comprise a variety of sample-rate converters intended to fit different needs and budgets. Professional mastering equipment includes two- and six-channel equalization and dynamics processing units.

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New easy-to-use unit converts stereo signal to full 5.1 channel surround sound outputs.

Gainesville, FL - At the re-scheduled 111th Audio Engineering Society Convention, to be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, November 20 thru December 3, Z-Systems Audio Engineering will unveil a remarkable new signal processor that creates a 5.1-channel output from a conventional stereo source. The new z-K6 K-Surround Processor has a wide range of applications within DVD-Video production, DVD-Audio mastering, Digital Television broadcast and post production, plus other areas where multichannel outputs need to be created from two-channel inputs.

   "We developed the new system specifically for applications when it is necessary to create a realistic 5.1 recording in a more expedient and cost-effective way than going back to the original multitrack elements and re-mixing," says Z-Systems president Glenn Zelniker. "Or, the stereo master might be all that exists, in which case the z-K6 represents the very best solution available." The z-K6 creates a dedicated center output, a 0.1-channel LFE output, and derives the surrounds based on the natural ambience that already exists in the recording. "Nothing artificial is added and the resulting surround mix envelopes the listener in the material's own ambience," Zelniker adds. "Furthermore, the 5.1 output folds down to stereo without any compatibility problems."

   Unlike other processors that use room modeling or synthetic reverberation, the z-K6 K-Surround Processor is based on well-understood psycho-acoustic principles relating to ambience and sound field perception. The resultant 5.1 outputs sound extremely natural, with all of the attendant benefits in imaging and clarity, and no sonic drawbacks.

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